Low Lake Level Prices

Have you ever thought about buying a home near or on the lake?  When it comes to demand of these homes the optics of having a full lake drive up sales and pricing.  At the other end of the spectrum, if this is a lake that fluctuates with droughts, like Lake Travis, properties tend not to move as quickly if the lake isn't as full.  Everyone who lives near these lakes has the experience of the ups and downs and know that it will be a matter of time when the beautiful blues return as the lake fills back up causing demand and prices to soar again.  

As of now, Summer 2024, you can get a great deal on a near or on Lake Travis.  Low Lake, lower prices.  Who doesn't want to take advantage of this time?  As the old adage goes, buy low and sell high, when it comes to investments. 

Check out this Brand New Home just completed May 2024.

The views are already spectacular even at lower lakes levels.  Watch your view transform and more blue hues will come into view on both levels when the lake does begin to fill back up.  It's like having new art all over your home. 


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